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10% off

  • Get a 10% discount on an App Developer Certificate.

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  • Save up to 16% on Advanced Coding with Space Technology

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About Whitehatjr

Whitehat Jr is a live online 1:1 platform for coding and math. Whitehat jr or BYJU'S future school is an ed-tech startup. It is headquartered in Mumbai. Whitehat Jr prepares kids from the age of 6 to 18 years for the new coding world. The kids get to learn the fundamentals of cod...read more

Whitehat Jr coupons

Whitehat Jr Coupons



Whitehat Jr Online Class

Visit the Whitehat Jr site to avail a free math trial class

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr Live Online Coding Class

Get 4% off on the Introduction to coding course

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr offer

Save 7% on Advanced coding with space tech course

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr coding offer

Get flat 5% discount on App developer certification course

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr BYJU'S offer

Get flat 5% off on Create with math introductory course for grades 1 to 8

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr India offer

Get flat 16% off on the "create with math Accelerator" course for grades 1 to 8

30 th October 2021

Whitehat Jr course offer

Get flat 10% off on the "create with math complete" course for grades 1 to 8

30 th October 2021

All the classes on whitehat jr are live and are on a 1:1 basis so that students get a better understanding of what is being taught. It has different classes for kids from grades 1 up to grade 10 and above. These classes are priced accordingly. You can find Whitehat jr coupons on our website to avail extra discounts on whitehat jr. For more online classes offers visit Byju's offers.

Whitehat Jr Offers

Whitehat Jr, being new in its field has attracted quite a lot of eyes regarding coding for little kids. On a trial basis, they have a few introductory courses as well as programs for the children to get acquainted and to know if they're enjoying it. You can find a number of Whitehat Jr Byju's offers available for new students who are interested in these courses.

Whitehat Jr online class

As mentioned earlier, Whitehat Jr provides 1:1 live online classes for the children to understand better rather than video lectures. Whitehat jr has recently started courses for maths called Create with math courses available for grades 1 to 8. These are activity bases courses that build enquiry and help students see mistakes as opportunities. These courses help build a strong foundation by helping them learn the real-world applications of math.

Whitehat Jr free Trial

Before purchasing a course on Whitehat jr, the site lets you book a free trial lecture for your child to get an idea about the course and to build interest. You can book this free trial class for coding as well as math courses easily using the Whitehat Jr class booking app which lets you, book classes, anywhere according to your convenience. The classes are designed in such a way so as to first create an understanding of coding, programming and then improvising their language in the same.

Whitehat Jr booking

You can make easy bookings and purchases on the whitehat jr app as well as the website. The classes are designed based on leading research of what's best and provide more bits of knowledge to the children while also creating a deep interest and a sense of curiosity in the said subject. You can get a 100% refund on the same day, no questions asked. You can also cancel anytime. These classes don't expire and have lifetime validity.

Whitehat Jr BYJU deal

Whitehat Jr is a product of BYJU's ed-tech startup. As we already know, BYJU's is a big name in its said field and Whitehat Jr, too, is on its way to creating something unique. You can avail discounts and offers on the course fees for coding and create math courses easily by looking up the deals and offers as well as coupon codes available on our website down below. 

Whitehat Jr discount coupon

Whitehat Jr is powered by the top 1% of teachers selected by an intense teacher assessment process. The courses are designed in such a way as to make the child understand better, more clearly and the knowledge is application-based so it creates curiosity in the minds of the children. The early courses and advanced ones too have Whitehat jr coupons automatically applied so as to save more while purchasing a whitehat Jr course.

Whitehat Jr India

Whitehat Jr gives the students a better vision of the outside, giving its coders a chance to go international with their agenda and their talent. The application and activity-based curriculum give the students a chance to learn why something is how it is. They get to know how maths can be used outside of textbooks in the real world. Whitehat Jr India promotes the kids to think outside the box and even better, to be a creator in the future tech world.  

Whitehat Jr Free coding

In order to learn about the course speed and to get a better understanding of the whole course, whitehat jr lets you book a free coding class easily on the website or app itself. It is surely important to get a test run before investing your time and money into something. Till now whitehat Jr has certified over 1 million students all over the world. You can also become one of these and become a creator in the tech world by enrolling for Whitehat Jr free coding. To know more about Whitehat jr offers, Visit the Whitehat jr website.

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