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Kidzania Offers, Coupon and Deals




Up To 66% OFF By Buying The KidZania Annual Pass

Purchasing The KidZania Annual Pass Will Save You Up To 66%

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Expires: 2024-04-30

Save up to 66% by purchasing a KidZania Annual Pass. KidZania created the Annual Pass to commemorate 365 days of family entertainment and education. Valid for a year from the date of issuance. 5 hours of work for 6 FREE visits for one child. It is not transferrable. 5 hours of work for 6 adult visits at a flat 50% discount (pay the remaining 50% at the counter)! (adult companion). To take advantage of the promotion, no coupons are needed. Book more travel and save more.

KidZania Family Combo - Up To 15% OFF

Family Combo at KidZania: Save up to 15%

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Expires: 2024-04-30

4 to 6 ticket large family combo with flat 10% savings. Extra large family combo: 15% off 7 to 10 tickets.



Rs 300 OFF on subscription

You can save Rs 300 on your subscription.

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Expires: 2024-04-30

If you subscribe now, you will save Rs 300. All users are eligible to take part in this promotion. Promotional code TPCW is required to take advantage of this offer.

Get 10% OFF on birthday parties

Birthday parties are 10% OFF.

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Expires: 2024-04-30

Get 10% off birthday celebrations. Offer available to holders of credit and debit cards from HDFC First Bank. Valid on birthday party booking packages priced at Rs. 20,000 and more.


Free Full Day Pass For Babies Less Than 2 Years

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Expires: 2024-04-30

For infants under the age of two, receive a free full-day pass. Free passes are available for 5 hours and 3 hours.


Buy 2 Kid Ticket & Get 1 Adult Ticket free under Family Masti Offer

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Expires: 2024-04-30

Users will Get 1Adult Ticket free on booking 2 kids ticket. This offer is not valid on bookings done at counter. Users need to apply the room code to avail the benefit.

20% OFF

Fantastic Friday: Get a 20% discount on children's admission tickets and a free adult admission ticket.

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Expires: 2024-04-30

Participate in activities at the City of Real-Life Adventures. Now is the time to book your tickets for a flat 20% discount, which is solely good for children's admission. On Friday, get one free adult entry ticket with the purchase of two children's tickets. The offer is valid for full-day and 5-hour tickets. On-the-spot bookings and public holidays are excluded.

About Kidzania
KidZania is an unique platform that allows kids to have fun and learn many things about life. This will help them in the long-term. Six fundamental rights are the basis of the training provided to children. They are To Be, Know, Create, Share, Care, and Play. These rights are not just entitlements, as KidZania claims. What is this place really? It's an indoor theme park that encourages, educates and empowers children. They are inspired by real-life roles. They are currently only available in Mumbai and Delhi, but they are expanding soon. Here you can plan your visit and make the bookings. Use the KidZania coupon codes on this page to get a discount.
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Kidzania Offers 2024

Kidzania Offers and Coupon


Kidzania  Coupon

Get 15% off the transaction value if you book online KidZania Delhi NCR tickets 2 days in advance

Kidzania Deals

Offer valid only for tickets booked through YES BANK Credit & Debit Cards at the Ticketing Counter or online

Kidzania Offers

If you purchase at least 1 child ticket, you will receive a free adult ticket

Kidzania Discount

Book tickets using your IDFC Bank Debit or Credit Card and get a flat 15% off

Kidzania Promo Code

Extra-large family combos - 7-10 tickets - Flat 15% Family combos - 4-6 tickets - Flat 10%

Kidzania Sale

Pre-book your KidZania ticket at least 2 days before your visit and save up to 15%

KidZania is an international entertainment center that offers educational and fun activities for children. It has 24 locations around the world. It is possible to book tickets online from your own home. This will save you time and prevent you from waiting in line for your turn. Promo codes and online coupons are now available for huge discounts. Couponswala offers KidZania coupons that will help you fulfill your dreams at affordable prices. Use the coupon to get your tickets at a discount price. Avail of the KidZania Offers now!

  • Family Combo Offer. Book Online KidZania Delhi NCR Tickets 2 Days in Advance and Get up to 15% Discount on the Transaction Value for groups of 4-10 members. Pre-booked tickets are required at least 2 days before the visit to get the Family combo discount.
  • Receive a Flat 15% Discount on Your Yes Bank Credit Card or Debit Card Only valid on tickets booked through YES BANK Credit and Debit Cards at the Ticketing Counter or Website. Maximum 4 tickets per person.

Avail of the Adlabs Imagica Offers and get up to 30% Off on ticket booking. 

Kidzania Coupon 2024

Kidzania's shows were loved and cherished by many people. The shows were captivating and had amazing quality. These things are not practical or affordable. You will need to spend a lot on the tickets. Couponswala believes that it is our responsibility as a company to assist buyers who wish to purchase tickets from the brand but are unable to due to the high price. You will find incredible Kidzania coupon codes in the section above. These codes can be found on its official website as well as other online booking portals that offer Kidzania tickets. You can check out the promo codes and use them however you wish.

  • KidZania Adult Ticket is now completely free. This offer is only available to frontline warriors - doctors, nurses, police officers, pilots, defense, firefighters, delivery personnel, municipal employees, bankers, teachers, and pilots. To redeem this offer, you must show your valid employee ID.
  • Get 1 free adult ticket if you book at least 1 kid ticket. Visitors who have an active B.Kidzania Pazzport is eligible to receive the offer OFFLINE. Tickets booked online cannot be applied.

Kidzania Deals

 The brand was a hit with all customers within its first year and attracted over 800000 visitors. The flagship location is visited by more than 10,000,000 children annually. As they grew, the second facility in Monterrey was built in 2006. The birth of Kidzania was at this time. They quickly expanded their reach to other parts of the globe. Tokyo was the third location that opened its outlet. They have been expanding their reach to other countries ever since. They are currently present in Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica as well as India, Indonesia, Japan Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and Portugal.

  • Get flat 15% off tickets when you book tickets using your IDFC Bank Debit or Credit Card. Only valid for tickets purchased with IDFC BANK Credit Cards and IDFC BANK debit at the Ticketing counter and Website
  • Family combos - 4-6 tickets - Flat 10% Extra large family combination - 7-10 tickets - Flat 15%

Kidzania Discount

An annual pass, which will be valid for all KidZania activities and games, can save you up to 60%. The platform also offers special offers on certain days. For instance, Mumbai KidZania currently offers a Friday Fever deal where an adult ticket is included with a child's ticket. You can also get one ticket for free if you have a toddler. You can also save up to 15% by purchasing family combos. If you pay with bank cards, you'll be eligible for bankcard offers. Use promo code KidZania to receive 1 adult ticket for the purchase of 1 child's ticket. Grab your tickets now! This offer is ending soon. Get the KidZania offers!

  • Kidzania has vacation gift cards that you can give your loved ones. You can create your customized gift vouchers online and choose the value.
  • Get a Flat 10% Discount on Full Day Passes Visa Cards are accepted for payment. You can choose from different packages such as Classic, Gold, and Platinum.

Kidzania Promo Code

KidZania works like a city with its own economy, KidZos. Each child receives a check upon entering the park. You can use the cheque to pay cash, or you can exchange it for a personalized debit card that allows you to buy services and goods at KidZania. You can also save your money in the bank. It also has an ATM card so that kids can open their own accounts. These attributes will help your child learn about money and make you a responsible citizen. KidZania coupons can be used to obtain a substantial discount when you buy KidZania's currency. A voucher code can help make your child's trip more economical and enjoyable.

  • Get a Full Day Pass for Children (4-16 Years) starting at Rs. 1,350 onwards. You can enjoy many activities like the Acting Academy, Archaelogical site and Tollbooth. You can also celebrate your special day with lots of fun and activities.
  • Save up to 15% on your pre-booking ticket to KidZania Book your ticket at least 2 days before the date of visit.

Why Choose KidZania?

KidZania isn't your typical theme park. Your children will have fun while learning. Each KidZania is a place where children can interact with other kids and see what it's like to have a career in that field. KidZania provides a variety of realistic roleplaying scenarios that are fueled by the children's natural desire for collaboration, creation, and exploration. They can see a hospital and a fire station when they visit KidZania. Everything you would see in a real city. Children can take on the roles of different characters, such as a fireman or a doctor. They also learn the basics behind each department.

KidZania Payment Options

KidZania offers a variety of payment options, including secure and encrypted payment gateways. Online payments can be made using your credit card or debit card, net banking and BHIM UPI. It's easy to book tickets for KidZania, a fun-filled entertainment area and learning space for children with so many payment options. Avail of the amazing KidZania Offers.

KidZania Reservation & Refund Policy

In order to be able to enter the venue, one must present a valid printout of the ticket or an SMS. If a ticket has been booked, KidZania will not issue a refund. You should try to visit the venue during the last hour of the day, as ticket prices are significantly lower.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About KidZania

People are often unaware of many aspects about a well-known brand. We bring you five facts about KidZania. KidZania has its own currency, KidZos. Participants can use it while they perform various roles within the city. The bank allows children to deposit or withdraw money from inside.

  1. An airport is the main entry point to the city. It has a departure area that welcomes children to an enjoyable experience.
  2. KidZania has partnered with real-life companies that provide a more realistic role-playing experience for children. They can also work for the city's real-life brands
  3. A bracelet with an RFID chip allows parents to track the children's movements and is given as a gift.
  4. It is a link between the parent, the child and the parent. It prevents the child's departure from the city without their consent.
  5. KidZania is a safe place for children.

KidZania Offers On CouponsWala

Couponswala offers the following deals and offers for KidZania via the linked links on our website and app.

  1. Get one Kid ticket for one on Fridays.
  2. Enjoy a Flat 30% Discount on Children's Entry Tickets
  3. Flat 15% Discount on YES Bank Cards
  4. Family Combo Offer: Up to 15% Discount
  5. KidZania Annual Pass: Up to 60% Discount

KidZania FAQ's

Q1. What is KidZania's full-day pass offer for kids?

Ans:- The full-day pass starts at Rs 1,250 and is available for children aged 4-6 years. Pass holders have access to many activities and real adventures, such as drama and acting.

Q2. What is KidZania's saluting hero discount code?

Ans:- KidZania offers a Saluting Heroes discount for soldiers of the Indian Army and Navy, as well as Air Force, Air Force, and other forces. You will receive a free adult ticket, and 20% off your child's or toddler's tickets. You must have valid identification proof to be eligible for this offer.

Q3. How can I get verified Kidzania Mumbai offers for online bookings?

Ans:- Verified KidZania Mumbai Coupons can be found on their official website or through trusted websites such as Couponswala. Each coupon is verified.

Q4. How do I book a KidZania ticket?

Ans:- Visit the KidZania official website to book a ticket. To get up to 15% off, click on that link.

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