Zomato Gold Referral Code with Gold Membership offer and Referral Code


How does getting your second dish as complimentary sound? It sounds good, doesn’t it? Zomato gold membership offers you just that, with tie-ups with plenty of restaurants, Zomato offers plenty of deals like this. Members of Zomato gold can get the additional benefit of up to 40% flat discount at the exclusive gold partner restaurant when they pay their dining bills, the flat discount can be availed on the entire bill by paying from the single gold account and can not be merged with other gold members. By using the Zomato gold referral code given by your friend you can get great discounts on your gold membership.

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Zomato Gold Membership Offer

Customers who have opted for the gold membership can get the second most expensive dish as complimentary on their bill order. As far as the drinks on gold membership are concerned, members get one drink complimentary for every drink order, up to a maximum of 2 complimentary drinks. A partner restaurant offers only one complimentary drink or one complimentary dish and can not entertain both the offers. Customers can avail these offers only once a day.

Zomato Gold Referral Code

To avail the referral code given by your friend you need to use the referral code given by your friend during the time of checkout. You can get up to 10% off on Zomato Gold membership if you the referral code. When your friend opts for the gold membership then they will receive an option to refer a friend. Check Zomato Gold offers and deals.

Referral Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for the referral code are as follows:

  1. In the partnered restaurant, the customer can avail benefits either on food or beverages and never on both.
  2. There must be a minimum of 2 people on the table to avail of the offer.
  3. Only once in a day, this offer can be utilized.
  4. The customer must carry a valid Id proof at the time of redemption and the customer must be physically present.
  5. Gold offers can not be combined with other offers of the restaurant.

For more information, log on to the Zomato website.


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