Zomato First 5 Order Promo Code


Zomato has been in the online food delivery for over a decade now. They have transformed the food delivery sector. Zomato is one of the leaders in the market. They are now in 10 plus countries and they don’t plan on stopping. Zomato gives promo codes to its users for usage, these promo codes reduce the whole amount. In this article, we will detail the Zomato first 5 order promo code, its discount, and terms and conditions.

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Zomato First 5 Orders Promo Code

The Zomato new users for the first 5 orders get flat 50% off. The first 5 orders get Rs 100 off. But this offer is not valid on cash on delivery. You can get up to 10 Zomato coins. Zomato gives out continuous offers to its users. Make use of them to save money and fill your stomach. These offers are for a limited time. Take advantage before they leave. The new user offer is for a small amount of time.

Zomato First Order Offer

Zomato gives its users an offer on the first five offers. The first five orders are cheap as they provide 50% off on all the first 5 offers. They get up to Rs 100 off on all the first five offers. The first five orders can be given by new users. This offer is available for new users. The new users can utilize it, till the last. The new user offer is one of the ways to retain new users.  They have Zomato Offers for its old and new users.

Zomato 50% Off on 5 Order Promo Code

The 50% Off offer is among the most used offers of all time in Zomato history. It gives 50% off on 5 orders. These orders can be from any restaurant and whichever dish. They have exclusive restaurants that give the 50% offer on the menu. These kinds of restaurants are increasing day by day, as the popularity of the platform increases. Use these offers before they leave the platform

Zomato New User Offer

The Zomato new user offer provides you a 50% discount on all the first 5 orders. The minimum order has to be of Rs 99. This offer has turned profitable to Zomato and also its users. The users came to the platform because of the new user offer. This offer has a maximum discount of up to Rs 100 on every order.

  • Zomato First 5 Order Promo Code: ZOMATO

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