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    Unacademy Plus Subscription 2023 | Best Offers & Plans For UPSC, NEET, IIT-JEE & More

    October 3, 2023

    Wish to have quality education at the best price? If yes, then enrolling yourself at the Unacademy Plus subscription discount offer can be your first step. Unacademy is known for its excellent results and expert faculties. The platform is very much famous for various competitive exam preparation on the biggest digital platform – YouTube.

    The students can easily buy the modules and courses by visiting the platform’s official site or can also download a mobile app. Using Unacademy Subscription Offer, users can acquire a whopping 70% + an extra 10% rebate on all courses and modules under one roof. you will find all the details of the Unacademy courses list and fees mentioned below, read further to know more.

    Unacademy Subscription Price & Coupons 2023: Trending Now 

    Unacademy subscriptions usually have a lot of coupons and offers that you can claim to get the membership at a reduced cost. Find all the latest Unacademy coupons and offers available for you to claim so that you can save more when you purchase courses to enlighten yourself with knowledge on Unacademy.

    Get offers on iconic plans, which is most trending today for the users.

    Enjoy savings worth more than 10% on Unacademy Subscriptions for all plans and courses across streams like Banking, Railways, UPSC, etc. Below we have listed out points to keep in mind when trying to apply the various offers for the courses on the Unacademy platform.

     Unacademy Subscription Offer Details: 

    • Applicable to all Subscription plans.
    • Use a coupon code to redeem the discount that can be availed from the official site at checkout.
    • Offers are valid for all students. All options of payment are available for the offers.
    • Daily Live Classes
    • Mock Tests
    • practice Sections
    • Study Material

    Discounts on Unacademy subscription plans

    Waiting to enroll in a subscription plan at Unacademy but worried about the hole that will be burnt in your pocket? With the Unacademy subscription fees being offered at discounts, that worry will no longer be a concern. Everything you need to know about the offer is listed below: 

    • The user from the official website can avail of Subscription Code.
    • Available subscription period with three options: 12 months, 24 months, & 36 months.
    • The offer is valid on both the Plus subscription plans and Iconic subscription plans.
    • Applicable on all courses and test series like – Railways, GPSC, Banking & Finance, UPSC & many more.
    • Use the Unacademy coupon to checkout.
    • Payment options for this offer are Credit or Debit cards and net banking.
    • Apply the Unacademy Subscription offer code to redeem the discount.

    Never stop learning. It’s never too late to learn even more

    Unacademy Discounts 2023 | Top Subscriptions & Membership Plans

    Discounts on education show that there are companies that are not only looking to make a profit. All users can avail of Unacademy discount on courses and test series including railways, banking, and finance, UPSC, etc. with an added plan benefits like:

    • Unacademy coupons for this plan are not required to access the Daily live classes, live quizzes & tests, structured courses, unlimited access, etc.
    • Get up to 58% off on 12 monthly subscription plans.
    • Courses on display include: Railways, GPSC, Banking & Finance, UPSC & more.
    • App and website both can be used to order studies online.
    • The lowest purchase value is not needed to claim discount.
    • All payment options are available at checkout.

    Get Discounts On Bank Exam preparations

    All users can now enjoy a discount on several banks’ exam preparation, courses, and test series modules with the plan subscription using the Unacademy Plus Subscription Offer. The criteria to claim the offers that the users should know are listed below:

    • Unacademy promo code for this offer can only be availed from the official site.
    • Unacademy promo code is mandatory to avail discount.
    • No cost EMI option is available on 6, 12, and 24 months subscription plans.
    • App and website both can be used to acquire the benefit of the offers.
    • Offer can be claimed on all bank exam series and courses.
    • Cards such as debit or credit and Net Banking can be used at checkout for making payments.

    Avail Up To 33% OFF On 6 Month Subscription

    All users can now redeem discounts on a 6-month subscription with an additional perk like daily classes, organized courses and modules, unlimited usage with live lectures, quizzes, and tests.

    • The offer is valid on six months plan.
    • Get access to various benefits like daily live classes for exam preparation, structured modules, live quizzes and tests, unlimited access to the course, etc.
    • Unacademy promo code cannot be clubbed with any other Plus subscription offers. Most negligible purchase amount not mentioned to claim discounts any of the available transaction options and check out the offer now.
    • Most negligible purchase amount not mentioned to claim discount
    • Use any of the available transaction options and check out the offer now.

    Up to 17% OFF On 3 Months Subscription Plan

    All users can now get quarterly membership on Unacademy and redeem up to a 17% discount. Subscribing to plans includes ample benefits and discounts. Check Unacademy Plus subscription offer details below. The offer is currently inactive.

    • Apply Unacademy discount code, which can be availed from the official website, to get a maximum discount of Rs.3000
    • Validity of the offer: 3 months
    • Plan benefits that can be availed are daily live classes, structured courses, specific competitive exam preparation, live quizzes and tests, unlimited access, etc.
    • Both the app and website can be used to claim discount.
    • No restrictions on minimum bill amount estimated.
    • Multiple payment options are accepted at checkout.


    Unacademy Plus Terms and Conditions 

    The client can get free membership of multi-month of Unacademy Plus. The client can likewise get a discount on the acquisition of Unacademy Plus membership. This promotion code is working in some states in India. Only online clients can make use of this opportunity. Unacademy Plus has claimed authority to close this proposal as and when they please with no prior notification. 

    • It is extremely simple to profit from this deal.
    • This deal is substantial for an exceptionally restricted time frame. 
    • Before actuating this proposition, ensure if this deal is working in your state or not.  
    • Clients need to go through the full article to get the activation code because each point is significant 
    • In case you were unable to get the advantages, Unacademy is not liable for it. 
    • Any abuse of the proposition means that the main authority can make legitimate moves against the particular clients.

    Unacademy Plus Subscription Offers 2023

    Whether you are preparing for bank exams, UPSC, or any other competitive exam, Unacademy plus can be your perfect all-time study partner. Use the Subscription offer now and save up to 70% + an extra 10% on all courses available under one roof.

    Offer details are listed as below:

    • Get unlimited access to live lectures, tests & quizzes, and structured courses.
    • Use the code on the official site to check out the best offers for you.
    • The offer is only applicable to the annual subscription plan.
    • Redeemable by all users.
    • Valid for all online courses at Unacademy.
    • All modes of payment are available.

    People are quick to jump onto benefits without going through exactly what they are being offered, luckily, when subscribing to unacademy that isn’t an issue. Below you will find the various benefits you can gain when subscribing to Unacademy. 

    Unacademy Plus Subscription Code Offer Details are enlisted as below:

    • Valid on all Plus subscription courses.
    • Application to the Unacademy course is mandatory to get discounts for this offer.
    • Get access to Unacademy courses like UPSC, SSC, CAT, IIT JEE, etc.

    Plus Subscription Plan benefits:

    • Daily live classes 
    • Live quizzes & tests
    • Mock tests 
    • Lecture notes as PDFs & more
    • All users can redeem the offer.

    Get Discounts On Special APPSC Test Series

    All users can now avail of a discount on the APPSC test series and benefit from live classes, quizzes, and tests held regularly. Use the Unacademy Subscription Code to avail of discounts to make studying a fun ordeal. Don’t forget to check out the below-mentioned section for the criteria that you need to keep in mind to claim the offer.

    • Unacademy Subscription Code can be availed from the official site.
    • Get structured lectures with unlimited access.
    • Get access to the study material, module, and test series of the following examinations: APPSC, TSPSC PSI, and PC examination.
    • Apply Unacademy coupon official code to get discounts on study material like Quantitative aptitude, Data interpretation, Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, and Full-length crash courses.
    • Unacademy coupons usage is not mandatory for this offer.
    • The website and app are valid for claiming the discount.
    • Bank Cards, credit and debit cards, Net Banking, etc. can be used at checkout.

    Unacademy JEE Subscription Plan Offer Details

    Under this plan, the users can avail themselves of up to 10% discounts on different courses. The cue is quite long to get a quick 10% off on the Unacademy subscription plan, which is revealed in the advancing terms and specifications enlisted below. Check now and subscribe to know more about this Unacademy Plus subscription offer.

    Unacademy JEE Subscription Plan Offer

    The coupon code for the Unacademy Subscription Code can be availed from the official website. Valid on all Plus subscription courses. Application to the Unacademy code is mandatory to get discounts for this offer. Get an amazing discount on the Unacademy Subscription price for JEE.

    Get access to Unacademy courses like UPSC, SSC, CAT, IIT JEE, etc. With the Subscription Plan benefits:

    • Daily live classes
    • Live quizzes & tests
    • Mock tests
    • Lecture notes as PDFs & more
    • All users can redeem the offer.

    Latest UPSC Deals On Unacademy

    UPSC is a very important exam if you are looking for any important administrative domain to take up your professional expertise in. It can however get expensive to prepare and write the examination. Below are the Unacademy Plus subscription deals for the UPSC exam to help you save some money.

    Duration of planUPSC Unacademy Plus deals
    36-month planPay Rs 2500 p/m, for a total of Rs 89,990 for a 67% discount
    24-month planPay Rs 3000 p/m, for a total of Rs 71,990 for a 60% discount
    18-month planPay Rs 3161 p/m, for a total of Rs 56,900 for a 58% discount
    12-month planPay Rs 4124 p/m, for a total of Rs 49,490 for a 45% discount
    Latest UPSC Deals On Unacademy plus subscription
    • DID YOU KNOW: Unacademy began as a YouTube channel in 2010. 14 students achieved the All India Rank of 1 to 1000 in IIT JEE after attending Unacademy.

    CAT Unacademy 2023 Fees & Other Details

    Unacademy is offering 200+ clusters and courses for CAT test arrangements. Understudies planning for either CAT 2023 or one year from now can begin their studies under the Unacademy CAT personnel. The course modules cover every one of the 3 significant areas VARC, DILR, and QA. 

    Unacademy CAT Latest Updates: 

    • Focus on CAT 2023 and OMET’s Batch beginning on August 25, 2023. 
    • Seminar on Data Interpretation for CAT 2023 beginning on August 21, 2023. 
    • Seminar on Modern Maths for CAT 2023 beginning on August 24, 2023. 

    Unacademy CAT is a test planning program that helps individuals prepare for their master’s program with live intelligent learning meetings, and pdfs of planned review notes. Unacademy’s essential PLUS course for CAT begins from Rs 1367, while the master ICONIC course begins at just Rs 2500 every month and incorporates every one of the advantages of PLUS membership alongside some extra provisions like individual uncertainty addressing meetings, individual mentor, and so on.  

    Classes are both live and recorded, on the off chance that you miss the class, old recordings can be used to return to courses according to the current CAT prospectus and offers question meetings and online tests. 

    5000+ understudies watch the study content online introduced by master educators having abundant involvement with training multiple individuals who have achieved success in the respective fields. 

    To leave benchmarks at the exams, test series are additionally given including full prospectus and sectional counterfeit tests covering significant parts of CAT arrangement. 

    Unacademy CAT Preparation Program: Fees and Payment Model 

    Unacademy gives PLUS and ICONIC memberships to get results in their CAT attempts. Understudies selecting a course on extended terms can profit from the advantage of paying a lesser charge each month. Understudies should take note that they should make a one-time charge installment for the whole course term.

    Avail now – CAT Unacademy Subscription Price

    Looking to do your master’s in the management domain? You would then know that preparing for the entrance exams and applying for colleges can become a very expensive process. Hence, find below the latest subscription deals for MBA & CAT.

    Duration of planCAT Unacademy Plus deals
    24-month planPay Rs 1367 p/m, for a total of Rs 32,800 for a 61% discount
    18-month planPay Rs 1586 p/m, for a total of Rs 28,500 for a 55% discount
    12-month planPay Rs 1879 p/m, for a total of Rs 22,500 for a 46% discount
    6-month planPay Rs 2733 p/m, for a total of Rs 16,400 for a 22% discount
    3-month planPay Rs 3417 p/m, for a total of Rs 10,250 for a 2% discount
    Latest CAT Deals On Unacademy Plus subscription

    Special Unacademy Subscription Fees for SSC Exams Preparation

    Here we have a complete breakdown of the ongoing Unacademy Plus Subscription fee structure followed for SSC exam preparation. The break up includes all the plans ranging from monthly to annual plans to help you choose better.

    • 1 Month – Rs 1,350
    • 3 Months – Rs 3,400
    • 6 Months – Rs 5,400
    • 12 Months – Rs 6,500
    • 24 Months – Rs 7,800

    Unacademy NEET Fees | All Course Details

    Unacademy is offering more than 300+ groups for forthcoming NEET meetings. Understudies who are getting ready for NEET 2023 or one year from now can begin the planning under the direction of master NEET faculties. The course modules cover each of the 3 significant subjects – Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Many free NEET Test Series are likewise accessible, for example, Top 45 for NEET by Pranav Pundarik, Full Syllabus Mock Tests by Garima Goel, and so forth. 

    Uncademy NEET Latest Updates 

    • AIKYA Test Series for NEET 2023 to start from August 20, 2023. 
    • All India Mock Test Series for NEET (English) to start from August 28, 2023.
    • All India Mock Test Series for NEET (Hindi) to start from August 28, 2023. 

    Classes are both live and recorded, on the off chance that you miss the class or to overhaul the subjects, old recordings can be used to return to courses according to the current NEET schedule and furthermore offers question meetings and online tests. More than 5000 understudies watch the content online conveyed from top educators having experience in instructing clinical hopefuls. 

    To benchmark the readiness, test series has additionally been given mock trials of full schedule just as sections.

    Unacademy NEET Preparation Program: Fees and Payment Model 

    Unacademy gives PLUS and ICONIC memberships to NEET readiness. Applicants selecting a more extended span course can profit from the advantage of paying a lesser expense each month. Understudies should take note that they need to make a one-time charges installment for the whole course length.


    Ans. Plus in Unacademy is a course designed to help you crack competitive exams. The course is taught by India’s top educators and covers all the essential topics you need to know to score high in your exams.

    Ans. The benefit of an Unacademy subscription is that it gives users access to a wide range of educational content. This includes video lessons, articles, and practice questions.

    Ans. To use Unacademy Plus, first, create an account and log in. Then, browse the courses and select the one you want to take. Once you’ve chosen a course, you’ll be able to access all of the lessons and materials for that course.

    Ans. Yes, two people can use Unacademy. You can log in to 3 devices -2 mobile and one laptop or vice-versa. But at a time, you can use only one device.

    Ans. Unacademy is a unique learning platform that offers interactive live classes, high-quality video lessons, and personalized learning plans. Unlike other learning platforms, Unacademy focuses on helping each learner reach their full potential.


    It is recommended that all the competitive exam preparing students and aspirants have a look at the Unacademy official website of the platform or download the mobile app and enjoy all the amazing and exciting discount offers and plans which will help a student in extra savings and learning with the basic conceptual way.



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