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    Swiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 49/month


    Swiggy Swiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 49/month

    Swiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 49/month

    Swiggy gets thousands of orders every day. So, people who order food most of the time, they have to give the delivery charges every time. No likes to give delivery time every time they order food. Swiggy has always been able to solve the issues for the customers by coming up with new and innovative features that solve the problems as well as increase the revenue for the company. Similarly, there is a feature called Swiggy Super. It is basically for people who order food from Swiggy on a regular basis. In this feature, you will get unlimited free delivery without any surge fee and you can get amazing deals and offers on selected food items and restaurants. This is the best option for all Swiggy lovers. This feature is available in 7 different cities right now.

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    Swiggy Super Membership

    Swiggy super is a membership program that can be taken by anyone who is ordering on a regular basis or else those who simply don’t want to pay delivery charges. The feature is actively running in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.

    • The delivery charges come between Rs 20 – Rs 40. The minimum order value should always be Rs 99.
    • You will get to enjoy occasional surprises with Super delights.
    • You can enjoy no surge fee orders that are placed during rain or high demand.

    Swiggy Super Free

    Although Swiggy Super is a paid membership program, there are some platforms like Times Prime where you can get Swiggy super for free or at a very less price i.e Rs 1. Swiggy also runs a contest on Twitter to give a one-year free subscription to the winner of the contest or else the subscription is actually free. You can’t find this membership option for free. This feature gives a lot of value to all the people who have a craving for ordering food.

    • Enjoy Delicious Meals From Swiggy – Order Now

    Swiggy Super Offers

    For now, there are no offers going on Swiggy super offers going on Swiggy right now. These offers basically come and go within a stipulated period of time. Offers are a great way to give customers more benefits. These offers stay in a day or for some no, of days. Although Swiggy doesn’t run out of offers ever. The company always brings new offers for its users so that they are more likely to use their services for a longer period of time. Almost every company does that. Here are Swiggy offers that you may like:

    • SWIGGY50 – Get a flat 50% OFF with the Swiggy coupons on orders from your favorite restaurants.
    • WELCOME50 – Enjoy the Swiggy offer code for a 50% discount on the first 5 orders.
    • SWIGGYIT – Enjoy this Swiggy coupon code to get 50% OFF your order in Bangalore and Chennai.

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    Membership Cost

    The cost of Swiggy Super Membership is simply unbelievable. This budget was decided by the management for people who unable to afford the delivery fee for every order.

    • You can get the subscription from 1 month as well as for 3 months.
    • The price for one month is Rs 49. For three months it will cost you Rs 129. This is a limited time offer. Otherwise, the three months will cost you anything around Rs 249 – Rs 349 according to your city.
    • Whether you choose one month or three months of membership benefits remain the same.


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