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Swiggy Pop | Order Single Serve Meals | Free Online Delivery


SwiggySwiggy Pop | Order Single Serve Meals | Free Online Delivery

Swiggy Pop | Order Single Serve Meals | Free Online Delivery

Online food delivery has taken the world by storm. Everyone has turned to order online while and have skipped the decision of going to restaurants and having the food there itself. In India, there are a lot of companies that have partnered up with various restaurants to deliver their food all around the city. Swiggy is one of those companies, that has taken massive growth in the food delivery industry. That is the reason why it is No.01 in the food delivery market. It covers almost all the major cities of India, and right now it is also trying to cover the tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Recently they have launched a new feature on their platform, i.e. Swiggy Pop. You see many people try to order food from various restaurants, they check over the menu and then they order. This feature takes away all the hassle from your hands.

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What is Swiggy Pop?

Swiggy Pop is a service that is introduced by Swiggy for people who want single-serve meals from various restaurants with free of cost delivery. This feature is only for food delivery to single personals. Right now, it is available in 7 major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi. There is no special app for this feature but it has a separate portal on the website and it is added as a feature for the above-mentioned cities. You enjoy the feature with a single tap on the Swiggy app. The meals listed on this feature is sufficient for a single person. It is mostly suitable for hostellers, single working professionals who always look for a daily meal. These meals range somewhere around Rs 99 – Rs 200 which is also budget-friendly for these people.

Swiggy Pop Timings

The idea of Swiggy Pop was executed within 100 days which is a pretty fast execution time as compared to other companies. Although it gives free delivery to the people, the delivery time is around 35-40 minutes maximum. This feature gives a quick ordering experience to the people. Because the goal was to provide quick, affordable and delicious meals for single personals. They understood the value of time for their customers and gave the solution for these people. They went to solve one problem but on the journey, they were solving three problems. Swiggy Pop is available all around the day. The timing depends upon the restaurants, that means if the restaurant is closed then the Swiggy feature will not work.
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Swiggy Pop Menu

The Swiggy Pop Menu depends on the customer demands, trends and preference and curated from a selection of over 20,000 items in collaboration with most of the restaurant partners. This menu includes items like Indian thalis, bowl meals, Biryanis, Burgers and Asian combos. With having a variety of national and local favorites on the platform, Swiggy has already tied up with the best restaurants of India like Hotel Sarvana Bhavan (Chennai), Paradise Biriyani (Hyderabad), Rolls Mania (Pune), Dum Matka (Mumbai), Pista House (Hyderabad) and A2B Veg (Chennai) as well as national chains Subway, Rajdhani, Burger King, and Taco Bell, among others. They took this initiative because Swiggy knows that their customers love to have food from their favorite food brands within less possible time.

Not available or Not Showing

The only reason if the Swiggy Pop feature is not showing on your app is that maybe it doesn’t support in your city. Currently, it is running in 7 cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi. If you are present in any of these cities then the feature will appear automatically. If by any case it doesn’t appear then you can call Swiggy Customer Care for help and ask for the solution.

  • Swiggy Customer Care Number – 0124-6000 6600, 080-67466789
  • Swiggy Customer Care Email Id –


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