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SwiggySwiggy Instamart Online - Instamart App for Bangalore, Gurgaon Coupon

Swiggy Instamart Online – Instamart App for Bangalore, Gurgaon Coupon

Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy Instamart is Swiggy’s cloud grocery initiative. It promises to deliver your orders within 45 minutes. It is functional from 7 am through 1 am. The food ordering and delivery startup, Swiggy, was first started in 2014. Back then the whole concept of placing food orders online wasn’t much in action. You can access instamart in the swiggy app by clicking on the instamart tile in the swiggy app. 

Instamart Swiggy

Swiggy expanded its business by turning to general product deliveries called Swiggy Stores. It also launched an instant pick-up and drop service called Swiggy Go. Swiggy launched its latest venture called Instamart recently. Instamart is a chain of virtual convenience stores. These virtual convenience stores deliver several categories of products like Instant meals, snacks, fruits and vegetables, ice creams, and more. Swiggy offers these items from its partner “dark stores” that have no walk-in locations and only exist online. 

Instamart Swiggy Bangalore

Instamart from Swiggy is currently functional in Bangalore. It can be accessed by tapping on the “Instamart” tile on the home page of the swiggy app. Instamart aims to fulfill the unmet grocery needs of its urban customer, at even the odd times of the day. These deliveries are made within less than an hour so that there is no waiting with Instamart Bangalore. Swiggy currently has plans to expand its venture to multiple other cities in India other than just Gurugram and Bangalore.

Instamart coupon

As most of us online shoppers know, swiggy is the go-to app when it comes to ordering food online. Moreover, there are many offers as well as innumerable discount coupons available on the checkout page. These are so tempting, sometimes we order things we don’t even need. Instamart swiggy also has an option to apply coupons at the checkout page and you can also tip the rider there. 

Instamart Online

This app is functional online in select cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon. Swiggy offers about 2,500 products from these partner dark stores on Instamart online. This grocery delivery service connects consumers to dark stores. It delivers much-needed grocery items daily quickly. Instamart tends to focus on dark stores and reach items at timings that have no bar. 

Instamart Login

It is pretty convenient to log in/create an account on Swiggy. You need not create a separate account to access Instamart. All you need to do is create an account, fill in your address and you can access Swiggy Instamart using this same user id.

Instamart Website

Swiggy and Instamart are only functional on the mobile app. Therefore, you can not place orders using the instamart website from Swiggy. Not only does the swiggy app analyze your location but it also gives you a clearer time frame. It also provides proper information as to what is available in your given location and what isn’t. Therefore, you can get a personalized menu of the groceries and products off of the Instamart app available for you. 

Swiggy Instamart App

This feature does not have an app of its own. However, you can place orders on Instamart swiggy using the swiggy app itself. The swiggy app is available on the google play store as well as the apple store amongst others. The concept of dark stores has created a dilemma for online grocery startups. That is because although it does offer some benefits over partnering with local Kirana stores, it also requires a larger upfront investment. 

Instamart contact number

Swiggy is one of the best in its field firstly, because of great customer service, and secondly, because it values customer satisfaction. Every online store tries and provide customer care as customers are always important. So they try and improve things as much as they can, based on customers’ queries. You can contact instamart regarding queries at:

  1. Swiggy Customer Care – 080-6746 6666
  2. Swiggy Support –

Swiggy Instamart Gurgaon

As of now, Instamart is only functional in two cities, Bangalore and Gurgaon. However, if you live in cities other than Bangalore and Gurgaon, You can make use of Swiggy’s other venture, swiggy stores similarly, to meet your daily grocery requirements. Unlike Instamart, Swiggy stores collaborate with local Kirana stores to help you meet your daily requirements quickly.


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