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DunzoDunzo Delivery - Delivery App in India

Dunzo Delivery – Delivery App in India

Dunzo Offers & Coupons

India is one of the busiest and populated countries in the world. People are creating hectic lifestyles for themselves. They are getting so busy that they can’t even spend time with their close members. They can’t even make time for themselves.  The Internet has automated our tasks very efficiently. Do you remember the feeling when you are busy doing something, and then someone from your family asks you to get some groceries from the market? Have you ever forgot to carry an important file that you have left at your home? We all have faced these ridiculous situations in our lives and yet there were no solutions available for us until Dunzo came to our rescue. Did you forget something at home and need it at the office? Ask for a pickup and drop? Dunzo Delivery is there for you.

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Dunzo App

In the early stages of Dunzo, it was run on Whatsapp. The hyperlocal concierge app Dunzo works only on one principle i.e. getting all your tasks done in the quickest possible time. Every task and every transaction is managed by its machine learning algorithm. It is an automated app-based service present in Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune and soon to start in Chennai. This single app has solved a huge problem for people, especially working people. You can order food, buy groceries, pick and drop, send any work-related document to anyone, get clean laundry, etc. It saves a lot of hassle for you where you do some other work at that time.

Dunzo Food Delivery

Dunzo’s food delivery is more famous than its other services. The brand has partnered with different food chains, restaurants, famous street food stalls, etc. to give an amazing experience to the users who are inclined to food. Not only that, but they also provide special offers from those restaurants. Their advantage lies in delivering from restaurants from anywhere in the city, while most food delivery startups deliver around a certain radius. It isn’t amazing. You can eat anything from anywhere in the city. This is one of the USP’s of Dunzo. You should not miss using this app. We can assure you that, after using this app, you immediately fall in love with their service and offers. Must see all the related Dunzo Offers and Coupons here.

  • Order any food item from anywhere in the city.
  • Complete your tasks anytime.
  • Send gifts to your loved ones at any time.

Dunzo 24×7 Delivery

Have you heard of anyone giving 24×7 delivery throughout the year? Dunzo does that. Early Morning, Late night. Simply give the task on the app. Place order and BOOM!. Within no time a dunzo delivery partner knocking your door. How would you feel when you don’t have to go out in the rain for your groceries? How would you feel when you get to eat some awesome food from anywhere in the city? That’s really cool, right? Within 0-60 minutes delivery time, you can get or send anything to anywhere in the city.

Dunzo Delivery Charges

Dunzo’s delivery charges are very minimal than other delivery apps. They have such a strong USP that people can’t even refuse to use this wonderful app-based service.

  • Dunzo charges its merchant partners a commission percent ranging between 10-12% of the total delivery cost.
  • The end cost that the customers have to pay can go as below as Rs 10/-.
  • It actually depends upon the distance and the type of delivery done.


  1. Cheating done with me my contact number 9987231986.
    The support team member and the associated person of the Dunzo don’t believe on the live navigation screenshot as a proof on an ongoing delivery difficulty
    but only on their edited km distance and a peanut amnt of 25rs is paid for a pickup distance of 2.1km to delivery distance of 4.7 with no assurance of return back delivery from jogeshwari West 2 Govandi shivaji nagar for 17km at late night after 23:10 pm and wn raised the issue on ongoing delivery the ordr is cncld from the Dunzo support team member end without assigning another Dunzo partner knowing the parcel is with me & a pnlty of 200rs +1320rs even after deliverying the order to the respective customer pls help me to report this to higher concern person NO RATE CARD IS PROVIDED TO DELIVERY PARTNERS FOR THEIR SERVICE.


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