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Tried booking a ticket online, if yes you probably would have heard of BookMyShow. BookMyShow is an online ticketing platform where you can book tickets for an event. It is the largest ticketing platform in India. It was started in 1999. Now it has many events like movie tickets, music shows, stand up comedy shows, adventure sport and a lot more of events we are not aware of. It has made booking any ticket easier. It has various cashback, voucher, coupons available also for various events. Looking at BookMyShow, many other ticketing platforms have started like an insider, paytm but none of them yet gained a step on BookMyShow Ticket.

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BookMyShow Ticket Booking

It has made ticket booking very easy, few steps and you have yourself a ticket. There are very simple steps for BookMyShow Ticket booking and anyone can book a ticket easily here. Not only movie tickets but you can also book various other events tickets with some discount available most of the time.

  • Visit BookMyShow website
  • Check the events happening in your city
  • Select the event you want to go and book your tickets.

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How To Cancel BookMyShow Ticket

Have you searched how to cancel the BookMyShow ticket or cancel a movie ticket on BookMyShow? There are users who have no idea about BookMyShow Ticket Cancellation. As they have their rules and regulations like there will be no refund initiated nor any other benefits. But if at all you cancel your tickets some other person may get a seat. Else the driver and conductor may sell these seats for their personal benefits. Check about BookMyShow Ticket cancellation below:

  • SadlyBookMyShowtickets once booked cannot be canceled, there is no refund provided by BookMyShowon cancellation of tickets.
  • But in case the event gets canceled then the money is refunded by BookMyShow. In conclusion, book your tickets on BookMyShow if you are sure you can make it.
  • BookMyShow has no refund policy on cancellation but if the event is canceled due to some reason, money is credited back to your account.

BookMyShow IPL Tickets 2020

If you are a Rajasthan Royal or Mumbai Indian fan, you can book tickets of these team’s matches on BookMyShow. So, Bookmyshow IPL tickets for 2019 are available for Rajasthan royal or Mumbai Indian matches. BookMyShow has tied up Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians for 2019,  we don’t know yet who they would be partnering the next year 2020. Moreover, BookMyShow is the market leader in the ticketing platform market. They started early and have made the most of it. They have a monopoly over the market in India.


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