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    Great Discounts on Amazon Prime Day 2021


    AmazonGreat Discounts on Amazon Prime Day 2021

    Great Discounts on Amazon Prime Day 2021

    Every year, Amazon Prime Day discounts are available to the customers. Let us tell you that this year it is the 5th anniversary of Prime in India. To celebrate this joy, Amazon has announced the dates of the Prime Day 2021 sale. 

    With the announcement of the dates, the wait for Amazon Prime members is also over. This year, the sale will be live for two days, i.e., July 26 and July 27. Various products will be sold with discounts and great deals during the sale.

    Prime Day Sale 2021 will start this year at midnight on July 25, i.e., July 26, and will run till July 27. Amazon will launch 300 new products in many different categories at a discount.

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    Amazon Prime Day Sale Of 2021: Most Expected Deals On Amazon Prime Day With HDFC 10% Discount 

    During the sale, Amazon Prime users get benefits with HDFC cards:

    • They will get a 10% discount with debit and credit cards during the Amazon prime day discount sale. 
    • There is no limit to the transaction by HDFC credit and debit card. 
    • You can get up to a maximum discount of 1250 rupees and a minimum discount of 500 with an HDFC credit card and debit card. 
    • You Can Buy Anything from Amazon prime day discounts.                                                                                 
    • Amazon prime day discount from 26th to July 27. you can get the top and most offers on this day
    • Amazon gives Amazon prime membership subscription and get early on Amazon prime day and get up to 150 rupees cashback, and this offer is applicable on Amazon prime day.
    • Amazon Prime members also get an offer of a 15% discount plus up to 150 rupees cashback on Amazon prime day.

    Subscription Offer For Members

    Amazon Prime Membership is a paid service for which you have to pay Rs 999, after which you become an amazon prime member whose validity is one year.

     When Amazon Prime was launched in India, a free 60 days trial was given, but today, its free trial has been made for 30 days. If you want to take an amazon prime membership, then you are given 30 days as a free trial. And after that, if you’re going to take amazon prime, then you can take it.

    Check For Any Subscription Offer

    Subscription OfferSubscription Offer Link
    3-Month Prime Membership  – Rs.329Get Now
    1-Year Prime Membership – Rs.150 CashbackGet Now

    You get many benefits from Amazon Prime, whose most prominent advantage is that now you do not have to pay any delivery charge if you buy any product from Amazon.

    You can also check our other Amazon Prime day deals that provide offers and coupons category wise for a better understanding.

    As you know, whenever you buy any product from Amazon and its range is less than Rs 499, you have to pay its delivery charge, which is usually 40-50 rupees. But if you have an amazon prime membership, then every time you buy a product of any range from amazon, you do not have to pay any charge.


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