Here are the highlights of the most searched and viewed products on the Amazon India website for every month. The key purpose of this highlight is that you can understand the performance of the products on the Amazon website if it has gained views and queries for the particular month.

    This highlight also gives you an idea about why a product or brand has gained much attention on an eCommerce platform. You can also compare one month’s data with others to get a detailed picture of how each product and brand is performing in the market. Thus helping you pick the product and brand that is chosen consistently by the customers.

    May, 2022

    With data points of over 1M+ product page views and 110K queries, we have conducted an analysis and gathered a report on the most searched products on for May 2022. With this article, you can gain a view of the products and categories that have gained most of the preferences among the consumers. Let us look through them briefly here…

    April, 2022

    After analyzing over 1.7M+ product page views and 290K+ queries, we compiled a report on the most searched and viewed products on the Amazon India platform, for April 2022. In this article, we would like to present you with some facts about the most searched and the most viewed products on the website. We would like to thank…

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